We continue our look around members’ gardens in 2020 featuring another “Virtual Open Garden” as part of our programme showing a different garden every week. This is because we can’t visit gardens in person due to Coronavirus. A new garden will be posted up on the web-site each Sunday for the following week. To see the gardens featured previously, click on “Archives” and “July 2020” and “June 2020″ in the right hand panel and scroll through the earlier gardens. The owners of gardens that have been already been featured are:

  • Carrie & Matt Lyons
  • Colin & Diana Barber
  • Glenys McDonald
  • Lillian Taylor
  • Alison & David Claridge

Future Gardens will include those of: Judy & Bill Liddall; Jean & John Tune; Mike and Carole Marks; Anne & Graham Parsons; Gill & Bill Long; Geraldine Vivian; John Perry; Julie Watkins & Andy.

Any if you would like to feature your garden please contact Michael Marks by e-mail: michael.marks7@btinternet.com

To see the garden photos in the best format click on the first picture below, which will open up the picture in full screen and then click through the photos using arrows to the right (sequence forward) and left (sequence back) of the screen.

The Grange – Sir Keith and Lady Mills

Many will have already visited The Grange, through the generosity of Sir Keith and Lady Mills regular opening of their garden for the BGA. They have again allowed it to be photographed as part of this virtual garden opens feature. There are also some photographs on The Kentish Hare Garden owned by Sir Keith and Lady Mills, which features 4 topiary hares.

The Grange is wonderful garden, constructed some 20 years ago and featuring many garden areas planted with plants of a subtle pallet of blues and pinks. The sunken garden is a particularly well designed and tranquil spot in which to linger and is one of the favourite parts of the garden for Lady Mills.

The garden is large and well stocked with a variety of plants, and is maintained with only the equivalent of 3 gardeners.

Enjoy your tour around the garden.