This is the second weekly garden we are featuring as part of our “virtual Open Gardens” experience in 2020 as we can’t visit gardens in person due to Coronavirus. A new garden will be posted up on the web-site each Sunday for a week. To see the previous featured gardens click on “Archives” and “June 2020 in the right hand panel to scroll through the gardens.

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Colin and Diana Barber’s Garden

Colin and Diana Barber moved into Bidborough Close in 1978 having bought the house in 1977. Both the house and grounds needed a lot of attention and the first few years were devoted to upgrading and decorating the house and keeping things under control outside!

Then in 1995 a crack on the terrace at the back of the house turned out to be a fast moving devastating land slip! But in every disaster there is always opportunity, so after stabilising the land with sheet piling, 10 metres deep, and only 12 feet from the house, terraced flowerbeds were constructed and planted with shrubs that delight throughout the year. Previously there had never been any interesting plants near the house, so much consideration was given to colours, shapes and plants that would keep their leaves and interest in winter.

From then on work in the garden continued with each year showing improvement and with their increasing age and more time to spend, as well as being able to afford to have people to help them, the garden has evolved to how it is now …. a great joy and full of wonderful memories.

See the pictures of this wonderful garden……