The Bidborough Gardening Association Summer Show was held on the 23 June in the Village Hall. The recent hot weather made it a testing time for the exhibitors, but they rose to the challenge and the result was a magnificent display that was enjoyed by everyone that attended in the afternoon while enjoying a piece of cake and cup of tea.

The full results are shown below:

Trophies & Special Prizes                                       
Class 1                                     Rose Trophy                                                       Colin Barber
Class 3                                     William Beal Trophy                                           Lillian Taylor
Class 4                                     George Larkin Challenge Bowl                          Lillian Taylor
Classes 1-3                              The Rose Society UK Bronze Medal                 Lillian Taylor
Class 10                                   Dorothy Dixon Cup                                            Deenah Wheeler
Class 15,16,17                         Sweet Peas Challenge Cup                               Judy Liddall
Class 15,16,17                         National Sweet Pea Society Bronze Medal     Colin Barber
Class 29                                   Stanley Farren Trophy                                       Kate Robbins
Classes 45-51                          The Jean Nightingale Trophy                           Bill Liddall
Classes 53-56                          Doris Nash Centenary Trophy                          Diana Barber
Classes 57,58,59,62,64           W.H. Kent Memorial Junior Trophy                  Jenny Pierson
Classes 32-44                          Junior’s £5 Gift Token – Highest Points           Lucy Oatley
Class   First                             Second                       Third                           Commended
1          Colin Barber                 Victoria Meredith      No Award
2          Glenys McDonald         Victoria Meredith      Colin Barber
3          Lillian Taylor                 Glenys McDonald    John Johnson
4          Lillian Taylor                 Deenah Wheeler      Colin Barber
5          No Award                     Glenys McDonald     Colin Barber
6          Deenah Wheeler          John Johnson            No Award
7          Elizabeth Hills               Chrissy Le Baigue    Colin Barber
8          Lillian Taylor                 Colin Barber             Glenys McDonald         Judy Liddall
9          John Johnson               Diana Barber            Chrissy Le Baigue
10        Deenah Wheeler            Diana Barber            John Johnson
11        No Award                      No Award                  No Award
12        John Johnson               Kate Robbins           Hilary Skinner
13        Kate Robbins                Deenah Wheeler     John Johnson
14        Judy Liddall                  Colin Barber              No Award
15        Colin Barber                 No Award                  No Award
16        Colin Barber                 Judy Liddall               No Award
17        Colin Barber                 No Award                  No Award
18        No Award                     No Award                  No Award
19        Diana Barber                Deenah Wheeler      No Award
20        Sarah Foster                Diana Barber             No Award
21        John Johnson               No Award                 No Award
22        Sarah Foster                John Johnson           Emilia Bagge
23        No Award                     No Award                  No Award
24        Diana Barber                Anne Hinds               No Award
25        John Johnson               Anne Hinds               No Award
26        Chrissy Le Baigue         Elizabeth Lash         Victoria Meredith
27        John Johnson               Judy Liddall              Deenah Wheeler
28        Judy Liddall                  John Johnson          Anne Hinds
29        Kate Robbins               Diana Barber            No Award
30        No Award                     No Award                 No Award
31        John Johnson               No Award                No Award
Fruit & Veg Classes                                                                                       
32        No Award                     No Award                No Award
33        Christine Carwardine   Elizabeth Hills         Sarah Smith
34        Bill Liddall                     No Award                No Award
35        No Award                     No Award                No Award
36        Bill Liddall                     Della Oatley             Sarah Foster
37        No Award                     No Award                No Award
38        No Award                     No Award                No Award
39        No Award                     No Award                No Award
40        Pete Eames                 Colin Barber             No Award
41        Christine Carwardine   Colin Barber            Alan Ford
42        Judy Liddall                  Sarah Smith            Sarah Foster
43        Alan Ford                     Glenys McDonald    Colin Barber
44        Colin Barber                 No Award                Alan Ford
Homecraft Classes                                                                                        
45        Sarah Smith  &             Deenah Wheeler    Maureen Hickling          Pete Eames
Victoria Meredith
46        Hilary Skinner               Victoria Meredith      Sarah Smith
47        Lucy Oatley                  Diana Barber            Hilary Skinner               Imogen Meredith
48        Bill Liddall                     Maureen Hickling     Sarah Smith                 Denis O’Sullivan
49        Bill Liddall                     Sarah Smith             Oliver Meredith
50        Diana Barber                No Award                 No Award
51        Maureen Hickling         Deenah Wheeler      No Award
52        Judy Liddall                  Ethan Bagge           Colin Barber
Flower Arranging Classes                                                                             
53        Sheila North                 Diana Barber            No Award
54        Sarah Foster                No Award                 No Award
55        Diana Barber                Anne Hnds              No Award
56        Diana Barber                Mary Pullen             Anne Hinds
Junior Exhibitors Classes                                                                             
57        No Award                     No Award                  No Award
58        Jenny Pierson               Lucy Oatley             Anna Pierson
59        Anna Pierson                Jenny Pierson          Lucy Oatley
60        Lucy Oatley                  Anna Pierson           Jenny Pierson
61        Lucy Oatley                  Jenny Pierson          Anna Pierson
62        Anna Pierson                Jenny Pierson          Alistair Bricknell
63        Lucy Oatley                  Florence Meredith    Anna Pierson &
Jenny Pierson
64        Lucy Oatley                  No Award                No Award
65        Ethan Bagge                Jenny Pierson          Anna Pierson                Lucy Oatley
66        No Award                     No Award                 No Award
67        Skye                            Sadie Trig                  Masie                              Isla Smith
68        Isla                               Jemina                      Ella                                  Freya
69        Owen Silcock               Sophia Howes          Toddy                            Star
69A      Krish Patez                   James Marks           Matthew Howe              Eve Marsden
70        Zhan                             Lill                              Joe                                 Buster
71        Zach S & Jonjo Hill       Emma & Archie        Connie & Emily           Martha Entwistle &
Beth Sellsham